Invasive Plant Control, Inc. recognizes the sensitive state of the environment we work in and IPC trains its staff to understand each site as its own system. IPC trains staff to properly identify the invasive species on the site. Staff is than trained to identify the native species that look similar to the invasive species in the work zone. Once identification is complete our crews rely on an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to begin the on the ground control. IPC’s IPM approach relies heavily upon selectivity, timing and application method to reduce non target impact.

IPC's Approach





Early Detection Rapid Response

Quality Assurance Plan

Quality control is administered through various components of everyday work.  IPC published a book on bid specifications which outlines tough control measures recommended to vendors for invasive plant management projects.  If allowed on a jobsite, IPC implements the following control measures (all are detailed in our employees handbook and ongoing training)